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Winter: A world of fun


OZ in winter: Great fun…!



Oz En Oisans is one of the best places in the Alps: The snow is fantastic, thanks to the altitude and always plentyful with its 770 snow canons. It’s also very often sunny, due to its South/South West orientation, with few obstacles to its natural breathtaking views.  Overall, optimum conditions for a perfect skiing holiday. The village is small but with access to a huge domain. Nature is awaiting…

Ready for the fun?

Any type of snowfun is possible in Oz: Ski of all types and shapes, Snowboard, Snowskate, Sledge of all sizes and even ice skating. You litteraly have 245kms of slopes at your feet (a 2,200m drop fro the top height of  3,300m), 121 slopes (17 blacks, 34 reds, 32 blues et 38 greens), with 84 ski lifts. You will ski right back to the village, in most cases at your apartment doorstep…


Morning set off from the ESF

For the little ones…

Oz is truly a family place, particularly suited to small children as the main street is 100% car free, and stressless for parents! The Kinder Garden (Halte Garderie) takes care of the very small ones, from 6 months to 6 years old. Kids get to try the fun in the snow, according to their age, and win prizes! Older kids can sign up for ski and snow lessons at the ESF school, and even participate in competitions…


The famous “Roche Noire” black slope is a daring shortcut from the “Alpette” to the village, just behind the Chalets des Neiges

For the daring…

More audacious skiers will not miss testing their skills getting down the 16km (very) black slope of “La Sarenne”. From the top of the Pic Blanc and through the tunnel, you will have to sort out steep walls and plenty of bumps… Other challenging black slopes can be found troughout the Domain, including one near Oz (Roche Noire). If you like ski jumping, you will find several “free Style” areas, on top of Alpes d’Huez and going down towards Vaujany (Snow Park)



Oz station, seen from the Clos du pré beginners slope

And apart from snowfun?



Trecking: Just follow the tracks, rackets are not necessary. Departure from the Alpette (2100m) to arrive back at the top of the Poutran ski cabins (2100m), check out the Lac Besson chalet for a hot drink on the way. The walking track, near the Country Skiing path, winds around the mountain offering breathtaking views. The walk will take you about 1hr in fitness mode or 1h30 for a more relaxed  endeavour. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sun protection, there’s no better way to get a suntan. You can also do the walk the other way round, but remember to check the cabins closing time!


Restaurants: For lunch high up: Chez Passoud à l’Alpette « La P’Oz », You will enjoy the sunbathed terrace and typical local food!
Down in Oz for a lovely mountain dinner: Check out “La ferme” or “la Potée O” (safer to book a table beforehand)

Excursion to Alpe d’Huez: Take the Poutran cabins up to the 2nd level (at 2100m). Then, you can walk down following the skilift track (it takes about 20mn on the way down and 30-45mn to go back up). Our tip: If you want to walk down and then take the cabins back up, you can buy your ticket at the ticket office in Oz…


“Grotte de glace” (ice cave) visit, at 2,700m: Accès par le téléférique d’Alpe d’Huez (2e tronçon). Une belle collection de sculptures sur glace, très appréciée par petits et grands. Le panorama et la vue sur le Pic Blanc sont spectaculaires. Les plus aguerris redescendront à skis, soit vers Alpe d’Huez ou par la longue piste des “Rousses” pour retourner sur l’Alpette… Attention: Par là-haut, vous trouverez des pistes noires et des pistes rouges parfois très “foncées” (qui a dit c’est génial ???)

Visite du musée de Bourg d’Oisans: Pour un après-midi de repos éducatif, ou les blessés qui savent prendre leur mal en patience! Découverte de la faune et de la flore de l’Oisans et une admirable collection de minérauxVérifiez les horaires à l’office du tourisme.

Plan des pistes


Plan des pistes. (Cliquez sur la carte pour l’agrandir)